Main benefits of our business units

Reasons why you should work with us

Global Sourcing

Use our network for global sourcing in Cyprus, Germany and Hong Kong.


Use our logistic system in Europe, we can deliver goods from the producer to the end customer very easily. Use our logistic network to reduce costs, damages and time.


Use our software based order process to make error free orders. Integrate this software into your webpage as a webshop.

XCalibur / IDM systems

Use XCalibur and IDM software with a pay per use model.


We offer a network of showrooms to presentate your products in Europe to business partners and end customer.

Store in Store Network

We can offer several network partners to built a store in store concept for your products.

Online Marketing

We provide marketing based on SEO, SEA and Affiliate.

Intellectual Property

We buy, sell and rent intellectual property.